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We offer Dance gatherings each month in the Valley. No musical or dance experience of any kind is required and everyone is welcome. Come alone or with friends. Please join us for spiritual dancing! 


Thank You for Being of Benefit

(Posted 5/22/15 2:33 PM)

Dear Friends of Dances of Universal Peace,

I am writing to thank you for your participation in our group over the past months, years and decades! Together, we form a community of people dedicated to compassionate interaction and awakening happiness and Peace in all hearts.

And, I want to share a little about the purpose and benefits of our "suggested offering" - the donation you place in the basket at the door of our gatherings - and some beautiful news about that.

We know that giving is an opportunity to practice the spiritually enriching action of generosity. This is sometimes described as an "energy exchange," the idea that we benefit most when we both receive and give. However, the suggested offering amount is just that: optional. The far more valuable offering you bring to a Dance gathering is your presence.

When we come together, we magnify the potential and the power of our peaceful intentions. Diverse individuals, we discover our essential unity when we join in sacred space, and we support each other in our learning and growing. These are just some of the many benefits we derive from community. "Community" is none other than me and you...and you and you!...joining together, heart to heart, hand in hand.

My hope is that no one will ever feel in any way disinclined to attend our gatherings due to concerns about money.

Your presence is far more important to what we do than money could ever be. No donation is expected at any time. No one is judged for giving or not giving, and no one is ever turned away. Our gatherings are presented as an offering to the community. It is our service to offer Dances in the Phoenix area, freely rendered and without expectation of reward or return of any kind.

Thanks to you, we are fortunate to be in a position that your offerings serve to bring greater benefit to the community. Beyond covering our low overhead for the spaces we use, a small portion of the money you give goes to further the work of the Dances of Universal Peace in the form of regular donations we make to our administrative not-for-profit orgs, which in turn serve the community of many thousands of dancers like you - in as many as 50 countries around the globe!

Through our non-perishable food and water collection box, you have directly helped Valley residents. Please know that you can bring packaged foods or bottled water instead of - or in addition to - your monetary offering.

And a new blessing has blossomed: Because of your generosity, we are now able to extend our reach in giving generously to others in need, sometimes forwarding the entire proceeds from a single evening gathering to worthy causes. We recently donated all of your love-offerings directly to relief workers helping the earthquake-affected in Nepal. The money you put in the basket that night has arrived on the ground and is already providing much-needed help to people there. That is compassion in action. That is what the Dances are all about.

The Dances of Universal Peace help us understand that we bring benefit to others just by being. Please bring your most precious offering to our Dance gatherings - YOU - knowing that you are cherished, valued, and beneficial in our community. Any amount of money you may choose to leave in the basket only serves to help others' hearts and lives flourish.

Appreciatively yours,
Shivadam / Phoenix Area DUP