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More about the Dances


The Dances of Universal Peace are simple dances that lead to meditative consciousness and inner peace. Live music and simple steps joyfully touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and all beings. 


There are many ways to participate and support the Dances of Universal Peace!

Perhaps you would like to greet dancers at the door as they arrive, or maybe help set up and break down the room? Maybe you would like to set up "tea and snacks" for after the Dance? Or, you might like to share fliers or promote the Dances in the media...

Skilled musicians, especially drummers, greatly enhance the music of the Dances. Other instruments, like flute, clarinet, cello, and violin can add beauty and richness, as well.

If you are a musician interested in playing for the Dances, we'd love to have you join us! Musicians new to the Dances of Universal Peace are encouraged to come and Dance and then see if they would like to support the atmosphere with their instrument in the future. Please take a look at some of these videos to see what the Dances are about. An excellent and thorough exploration of musicianship for the Dances can be read HERE.

Dancers may become members or make a one-time contribution to the DUP network, national and international. Would you like to join or contribute?


What would you like to bring to the Dances of Universal Peace? Let us know!

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