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Participants report that these joyous, easy-to-learn dances serve as a transformative spiritual practice, opening the heart, bringing joy, meditative awareness, a feeling of community, and a deep sense of peace. 


Learn more about the Dances by watching these videos.

Shivadam leading Dances of Universal Peace at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions

Look who's the final cameo in this Parliament 2018 promo (01:19)!

Dances at SWIHA in Tempe, December 2017

This brief video beautifully captures the spirit of the Dances of Universal Peace:

Love, Serve and Remember, SSC 2014




(Note: the video slideshow above has no audio.)



Ruth St. Denis was one of the inspirations for the birth of the DUP!



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Explore Some Helpful Tips for Dancers, Beginners and Experienced